Implementation & Integration

Implementation and Integration


We completely have an idea and understand that businesses evolve in a variety of ways, some automatically over time, some through the ways of acquisition or mergers and some grow at a very fast rate. It does not actually matters how you made it to where you are today; we make use of the exact technology to make sure an accomplishing thorough adoption across the particular business. Whether its integration of various technologies, organizationfuses or completely new solution products, Applikon being a strengthening company willprovide you all the equipments to look into your customer’s data easily and take away insights and intelligence. Applikon helps you plan everything with the best decisions that will not only the business will be happywith, but your customers will also be very happy with.


It helps you to reduce your time-to-value by the partnership you will establish with us and improve and implement your solution through the following manner:


iconImplement your Salesforce solution

Our previous projects include:

  • Implementation of the complete suite of Salseforce products
  • Customization
  • Process Design and  CRM Roadmap
  • Technical Architecture and Solution
  • Customer support and Service
  • Integration of Systems
  • Development of
  • Pardot Marketing and ExactTarget Automation
  • Change Management
  • Mobile applications
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