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The future of work is mobile, and Applycon has a practice dedicated entirely towards mobile business. Whether it’s a consumer application or business application Applycon’s mobile experts build on the Salesforce platform to give you the tools to empower people to do more, from wherever they are in the world.



Mobile for business

We at Applikon want to make use of the same technology at work that we use at our homes. We want to be able to have the opportunity to use our CRM platform, our emails, check the weather and add to our to-do list all from a single device. And we want to do it when we are at work, at home, or anywhere in between the two. Applikon creates mobile applications for organizations that give employees the mechanism to work from wherever they wish to, anytime they wish to.


Mobile for consumers

Your customers want to approach all the information about your brand from their mobile device. They want the convenience of being able to rate products, find stores, place an order, give feedback and speak to someone. All of it, while they are out, without having to make use of their laptops. Making it as simple and easy as possible for consumers to engage with your brand in a way that’s fit for them is important for customer retention. Our applications give consumers the chance to interact with your brand at every step in the purchase cycle. And with our investment in user experience, we make sure that every connection is enjoyable for your customer.

Our consultants have extensive experience of, Heroku, API integrations, mobile, social development and UI/UX design. We always build with the right coding standards and set objectives to pass the firm security review first time, accelerate your time to market and generate ROI.

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